Your Church + Loving Sundays = Growth

A sermon series. A small group study. And a short book to read.  
Attract first-time guests. Draw wanderers to return. And challenge the core.

The I Love Sundays Church Campaign does it all.

  • Why People Need Sundays

  • Give the I Love Sundays Gift Book

    Impress guests and teach everyone the value of making Sundays special.Use the compelling message manuscripts as the foundation for your sermons.

  • Preach the Five Week Sermon Series

    Use the compelling message manuscripts as the foundation for your sermons.

  • Start New Small Groups

    Launch Small Groups that correspond with the weekend messages to attract newcomers to groups and to dig deeper into the lessons the whole church is learning.

See God Work in your Growing Church.

Don't miss out on what God is doing in churches across the nation.  
Welcome families back to church and teach them to love Sundays.

Get your Kit and Start Planning
  • Hal Seed
    I'm a huge fan of church campaigns. We hold an attractional church campaign every fall at New Song and every time attendance goes up, more people join small groups, and excitement and engagement increase. We have more unity because we are all growing in the same direction.
    Hal Seed
  • Randy McWhorter ~ Healthy Church Group Leader,  California Southern Baptist Convention
    I Love Sundays is more than a smartly written book by Hal Seed - it is a rally cry for people who are looking to restore purpose and meaning in their lives. Every church needs to seriously consider how they can make Sunday the best day, the high point of the week! I encourage you to join with other churches seeking to reach the lost and strengthen the saved in an I Love Sundays campaign.
    Randy McWhorter ~ Healthy Church Group Leader, California Southern Baptist Convention

Frequently Asked Questions

It's normal to have questions.  If you don't see the answer to your question here, join the I Love Sundays Community and ask your question in the forum.

How much will it cost?

The campaign kit is $49.95 and you can get by with just that, if you want.  We recommend an I Love Sundays book for everyone, but if it's not in the church budget, you could order them, and set up a table in the lobby for people to buy them.  Beyond that, there are t-shirts and wristbands you can make available; and there are other marketing materials you can get from Outreach.


What if people don't want to participate?

The congregation will love the great sermon series, the personal growth they experience, the high quality materials and resources, and how easy it is to invite their friends. It's all good for them.  

The only balkers might be some small group leaders who have something else they want to study.  Ask them to be on board with you and the whole church for the five week study, then they can go back to what they had in mind.  Better yet, bring them up to speed early on so they can plan ahead and be cheerleaders for the church-wide excitement.


Are the sermons any good?

Yes! We think they are excellent. Here are the Sermon titles and the Scripture passages.

  • Week 1: Sundays Can Surprise You
    • Psalm 100:4; Psalm 122:1
  • Week 2: Good Sundays Make Better Mondays
    • Psalm 127:1-2; Joshua 1:8; Exodus 20:8; Deuteronomy 5:12; Isaiah 58:13-14
  • Week 3: Better Sundays Make Better Families
    • Proverbs 20:6
  • Week 4: Sundays Can Change Your Eternity
    • Matthew 16:18; John 1:12; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Luke 15:10
  • Week 5: How Sundays Changed the World
    • Matthew 16:15-21, 24:14,  25:14-30; Revelation 19:9



How much lead time do we need to get ready for the Campaign?

You want to begin preparing for the campaign several months in advance so you can do worship service planning, get Small Group leaders ready, and communicate with the congregation about it.  


Why this Campaign, and not others?

Campaigns that are attractional work best because the purpose is to reach out and attract new people to your church. And people are drawn to topics that meet their felt needs around family, money, and purpose. The I Love Sundays campaign works to attract people to church; it addresses both purpose and family felt needs; and on top of that, it will challenge, and grow, the mature believers in your church as they take a deeper look at making Sunday the most important day of the week.


Why should I join the I Love Sundays Community?

Because you don't want to do ministry alone, right?  And you like free stuff, too.  You'll get access to extra content  from Hal about how to have an excellent church campaign. You will also have access to the forum where you can dialogue with other pastors, and Hal, about your campaign.  Just use the Join Now link below to get to the sign-up page.


Are there videos we can use?

Yes!  There is a video for each week. Here is the promo video for Week One.  To see more videos, go to the I Love Sundays pages at


  • The I Love Sundays Campaign Kit will show you how.
    The pace of our world has us feeling like we’re spinning out of control. The solution is Sundays. The speed of our world tends to pull families apart. What brings them back together is Sundays. Everything competes for first place with God. The remedy is Sundays. Better Sundays make for better Mondays. Better Sundays make better families. God intended Sunday to be the highlight of your week.
    The I Love Sundays Campaign Kit will show you how.

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